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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"The show is closing!"

Well here we are.  Tonight is closing night for our production of "42nd Street."  Tonight I say goodbye to Billy Lawlor.  For now.  

As usual, so much has happened since my last post here just last Saturday.  As I mentioned, some of my family came out to visit from California last weekend.  Though the weather was not ideal and their trip getting here was not a smooth one, they were able to see the show more than once and they loved every moment.  We even got in a quick trip to Marco Island between thunder storms and attempted to watch the sunset after my last show of the week from Sanibel Island.  My family is amazing and there was no lack of eating out while they were here.  It's always extra special to perform knowing that they are watching you loving it completely.  They are the ones who payed for all the dance and acting classes growing up after-all, so I'm always very proud to show off their "investment" to the best of my ability.  I have not seen my mom, and grandparents for almost three months.  It may not seem long, but I'm a Mama's Boy thru and thru.  If you don't believe me, check out the "Mom and me" pics on my facebook.  She's beautiful! 

As far as the show is concerned everything just keeps getting better and better.  As a whole the show just keeps getting stronger.  There's not many nights where I don't leave the theatre thinking to myself that "this one was the best one yet."  I continue to find new acting beats, and other genuine moments with other characters onstage.  I am still surprising myself vocally week to week.  Sometimes I actually even feel like a singer and not necessarily a "dancer who sings."  I have to credit Dawn and Charlie for getting me to where I am performance wise at this point.  And of course, as the choreo has become second nature I find that I am dancing harder and with more "purpose" than I was at the beginning of the run.  I love this show and I never want it to end.

So with the good, comes the bad.  Well not really bad, just realities.  There was one performance last week where I went on for "Getting Outta Town" without a suitcase...whoops!  Offstage, I also find that I have to really take care of my voice, especially while working with the kids most afternoons before shows.  Tea has become my best friend, along with Emergen-C vitamin water packets.  Also because of adrenaline or just plain dancing harder I am soreer than ever and continue to find mysterious scrapes and bruises from different things that I do during the show.  I also still have a major inner thigh/groin strain, so I've modified a couple things to help in the healing of that.  And of course, last Sunday it was pouring buckets, and even leaking onto the stage- so after I took my curtain call and exited the wing one of my taps slipped on the puddle and I went belly up in the wings on stage left.  Funny at the moment, but made for a very painful week.  Oh, and some of the choreo I have to demonstrate over and over for the kids classes during the day for the KidzAct program have taken their toll on my calves and ankles.

Also, in addition to my rehearsal assisting position for the Summer KidzAct productions of  "Wonderland" and "Teen 42nd Street", I started teaching a teen acting workshop in the mornings.  It's just a two week intensive but I am loving it.  I jokingly call it: "The Billy Lawlor School of Acting."  Catchy, right?  I thought so.  More to come about acting class is future blogs...

So here we are.  Just an hour left before I head to the theater for our last show.  I know I'll have so much more to share about this amazing experience after tonight is finished.  I am very lucky to have been a part of this production and I truly do not want it to end.  I guess I'm repeating myself, but I have never bonded so closely with people that i share the stage with.  What a generous and talented group of artists I have been able to surround myself with this summer. 

Okay, I'd better stop typing now before I really start getting emotional.  Tears are not good for this singers' voice.  It's been fun...

..More to come!

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