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Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday

Well it's 8:30 A.M. and in about 12 hours we should be finishing up Act 1 of our 2nd dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsals mean we will have paying audiences very soon.  Nerve racking, and exciting- all at the same time.  First dress rehearsal was Saturday night and as far as dress rehearsal go, it ran pretty damn smooth as a whole.  I had a few problems getting my tap shoes tied and my fly up before rushing to the stage a couple times.  Not to worry,  I've since been assigned a dresser for two of my quick changes: "Dames" and "Money."  Tonight should be a lot smoother, pending the other dressers/actors don't plop all of their quick change remains on my station in the dressing room.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, my station in the dressing room is right by the door that everyone enters and exits from.  That's great for quick changes, etc., but annoying 'cause it's also where everyone does their last minute mirror checks and where the dressers on Saturday night plopped all the clothes left behind backstage for all of the other boys in my dressing room, impeding several of my own quick changes/makeup/michrophone tape retouches, etc.   As stated before, I'm sure tonight's rehearsal will run a little smoother in the dressing rooms, wing, and backstage areas where all of our quick changes take place. 

Although looking forward to rehearsals this week, preview on Thursday, and opening night on Friday- I find myself incredibly stressed out and a little tired.  This show is kicking my ass!  Also, I've been spending at least 12 hours a day at the theatre most week days.  I'm very lucky to be assisting with the summer children's program at The Naples Players, KidzAct, for some extra money.  The kids are great and my co-workers are a dream, and the work is easy enough as far as day jobs go- acting, singing,  and dancing.  It sound perfect and it is, but it requires more energy than I'm used to putting out into the universe on a daily basis, but I'm learning so much and it's a great daily warm up for rehearsals at night.  I'm also not alone in this endeavor.  Both my director of "42nd Street" and the actress who plays Anytime Annie are also spending their days working KidzAct during the day and then doing the show at night.  I look up to these ladies.  Not only are they talented as hell, they are two of the nicest people I've ever worked with.  Yay for nice AND talented people!

As I publish this first blog, I find myself already pressed for time.  It's about time to hop in the shower and get out the door as I have to pick up laundry (dance belts don't wash themselves) and stop at the store before heading to the theatre.   I'm looking forward to the week ahead and hope to post on here again here again very soon.  Hopefully this blog will be one project that I start and actually finish.

Four days until opening night ;-)

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