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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Okay, so yesterday was definitely a Monday- thru and thru.  Although I pored my heart and soul emotionally into last nights 2nd dress rehearsal I still felt more than a little off my game, especially vocally.  That will teach me to take a day off again, LOL.  "Dames" and "Young and Healthy" were serviceable but "I Only Have Eyes For You" and my vocal entrance to "Lullaby of Broadway" were so off the mark- it seriously was not funny.  I blame my "Eyes" mistakes on the fact that I was late for my entrance due to a costume malfunction, add to that I decided to take the biggest breath ever behind the wall o' peacock feathers, thus inhaling at least parts of two feathers.  "Lullaby of Broadway" was hard for me to hear, period.  Thank goodness we've got the orchestra back tonight.  Charlie, our musical director, is an amazing player, but since we've been onstage it's hard to hear just the piano at times.  Add to that, most of us are coming from behind a wall way upstage- we couldnt be further from both the piano and the speakers, either that or I'm deaf..  At any rate, if errors like that occur during a real performance, I'll be a bit more prepared, and I'll try not to let the little things distract me from giving the most I possibly can. 

Unfortunately, that's all I have time to write about this morning.  It's now time to head to the theater for more KidzAct.  My conclusion for last nights rehearsal is that although there were mistakes here and there by myself and others in the cast, I know I'm finding out more about Billy and how he interacts with the rest of the characters.  In addition to my love interest shenanigans with one Peggy Sawyer (talented triple threat, Rachel Aryn), I think I'm having so much fun interacting with Anytime Annie, played by Jessica Walck.  She always gives me something to look forward to every night. I'm also actively finding moments with each member of the ensemble- something that hardly took place while were upstairs rehearsing in the studio, mostly because my focus was still on line/vocal/choreo memorization.

Alright everyone, have a terrific Tuesday!  3rd dress rehearsal with the orchestra tonight!

Three days 'till opening night ;-)

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